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Album Review | COUNTRY

Lydia Loveless, ‘Boy Crazy’

A new full-length record from Lydia Loveless is coming next year but in the meantime she has released an appetizer in the form of this EP of her visceral country-punk mix. It was occasioned, so she says, by reminiscences on youthful flirtations that in turn led to a realization that “it gets increasingly difficult to navigate relationships and friendships with others as you grow older, especially as a woman.” “Boy Crazy” shows her ruminating on that realization in the crash-and-careen blast of the title song and depicting such navigations in her own inimitable way — keening but persisting in the face of love that doesn’t stand a chance of being requited in “All I Know” and struggling to extricate herself from the loser’s side of a lover’s triangle in “All the Time.” When she throws in a song about notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer (“Lover’s Spat,” a muscular bit of alt-country shot through with the poppy ebullience of an “ooh- ooh” background chorus), those sorts of navigations take on an entirely different perspective. (Out now) STUART MUNRO


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