Milosh, ‘Jetlag’

As the vocalist of Rhye, Mike Milosh already put out one of the year’s best records with “Woman” and now delivers again with this disc filled with languorous, minimalist electronic-based tracks. Upon first impression, Milosh’s latest solo effort appears somewhat slight, but it deepens and reveals multiple layers with each listen. The singer-songwriter coproduced with his wife, Alexa, creating alluring, pulsing soundscapes underlined with tricky rhythm tracks. At times, Milosh’s elastic vocals hover over the intricately designed sonics, but on the best tracks, like the enveloping “Hold Me,” his voice merges with the music before ultimately dissolving into dissonance. He alters the dynamic with “Slow Down,” a hauntingly spare piano ballad perfect for late-night stares into a misty night. Many tracks begin pensively before building with tension and finding full resolution. On “Water,” Milosh immerses his vocals into the mix as the undulating track mirrors the lyrics’ emotional drift. As the effects-laden closer, “This Time,” brings things full circle, it feels as if a rewarding, quasi-mystical journey has been completed. (Out Tuesday) KEN CAPOBIANCO


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