Childish Gambino, ‘Because the Internet’

Love Donald Glover or hate him, this writer/actor/comedian/rapper unquestionably ranks among America’s most accomplished performers. Two years after the much loved/hated “Camp,” Glover returns with the tour of fame and its discontents that overworked artists often resort to. But this tour is also a tour de force, in which the production is as rich as the raps, spanning pop, underground R&B, club music, and psychedelic experimentation. The project is further heightened by Glover’s knowing irony, his gift for hooks, and his visionary theme. Without making it a burdensome concept to explain and belabor, the Internet figures prominently throughout the disc in ways empowering and emasculating. By the powerful closer, “Life: The Biggest Troll (Andrew Auernheimer),” the fame issue has taken on larger meaning in the age of the selfie. In short, how you like you now? (Out Tuesday)



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