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Crosses, ‘Crosses’

Crosses, the side project of the Deftones’ Chino Moreno with Shaun Lopez and Chuck Doom, offers an impressive full-length debut fulfilling the promise of their previous two EPs. The 15-song disc is filled with slow-burning, expansive songs built around electronic tracks, keyboards, guitar shards and loops. Those familiar with Lopez’s former band Far as well as Moreno’s previous side project, Team Sleep, will hear their influence here. Moreno’s full-throated, emotive vocals give life to lyrics expressing both desperation and hints of hope. On the riveting “The Epilogue” he sings with a Sisyphus-like understanding, “I guess that it’s we’ve come to the end/ we’ve circled around our doom/ yeah I won't stop.” The music has a cinematic feel and ominous tone, as if the band is scoring a yet-to-be-made David Fincher film. The record is overlong and the arrangements are a bit too familiar. Still, these brooding tracks are compelling as they merge into a coherent whole. (Out Tuesday) Ken Capobianco

ESSENTIAL “The Epilogue”

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