Linda Perhacs, ‘The Soul of All Natural Things’

When 1970’s “Parallelograms,” Linda Perhacs’s one and only album at the time, was unearthed a decade ago, it became a spiritual cornerstone of the so-called freak-folk movement back then. Its mix of fingerpicked guitar and psychedelic melodies spoke to people like Devendra Banhart and Joanna Newsom, artists mining a similar vein of otherworldly folk music. The surprise resurgence of interest in Perhacs prompted her to make music again, and “The Soul of All Natural Things” is her first album in 44 years. Perhacs is 70 now, with a voice that has retained its crystalline beauty. At times a bit too slick and overproduced, her new songs are rooted in the same mysticism and concern for humanity that marked her early work, except now she’s updated her sound with contributions from musicians such as Julia Holter and Ramona Gonzalez from Nite Jewel. The album’s title track, at once classic in its simplicity and contemporary with shifts in tempo, proves that the power of a voice with something to say never goes out of fashion.
(Out Tuesday) JAMES REED

ESSENTIAL “The Soul of All Natural Things”