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Nothing, ‘Guilty of Everything’

The roaring innocence of the rock that Gen-Xers wedged between themselves and adulthood, and the ecstatic indifference at the heart of its howl, were — among so many other things — lost with the towers. It’s an attitude recalled and reinvigorated by Philadelphia four-piece Nothing. “Guilty of Everything” will get a lot of press pointed at singer/guitarist Domenic Palermo’s back story, including his two-year stint in prison for a 2002 stabbing; but his bio isn’t necessary to pick up on how Nothing repurposes the past into a bearable present. The 40 minutes of “Guilty” are a storm of shoegaze, noise-rock, and slow-core, surging together into something lovely and lethal. “Dig” sports Yo La harmonies, a yowling Swirlies breakdown, and a Hum-loving stop/start chunkiness. And “Beat Around the Bush” is both restless and mantric, like an uneasy dream. Throughout, Palermo’s hanging whispers play at prayer; if there’s anything to wick from his past it’s that there’s some salvation in sound, and here a lost spirit is aptly recaptured. (Out Tuesday)