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Kylie Minogue, ‘Kiss Me Once’

How overdue is Kylie Minogue for a new album of original material? Here’s how overdue: Each of the Aussie popster’s last four releases has included one version or another of the admittedly great “All the Lovers.” That alone makes “Kiss Me Once” cause for celebration, even if it sounds like Minogue was still building up to full strength when the clock ran out. As is her habit, she starts out with her best foot forward, in this case the arms-up ecstasy of “Into the Blue.” Rihanna-Daft Punk hybrid “Les Sex” isn’t far behind; purely on its musical merits, it sounds like it’ll be a hell of a showstopper on her next tour. But while “I Was Gonna Cancel,” the bass-popping “Sexy Love,” and the whooshing title track are frisky, frothy, and danceable, they feel somewhat rote. And with its dubstep twist, cartoon voices, and intermittently rap-tinged delivery (to say nothing of the title), “Sexercize” could be the worst song the singer’s put out in well over a decade. It’s the album’s only genuine misstep, but it’s still perplexing, hearing a Minogue that can do wrong. (Out Tuesday)


ESSENTIAL “Into the Blue”