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Album Review | Indie Rock

The War on Drugs, ‘Lost in the Dream’

Tone is everything for the War on Drugs. You hear tone, a silvery shade of effortless cool, in the electric guitars that ring out in ricocheting patterns and in singer-songwriter-visionary Adam Granduciel’s expansive vocals. Going back to the band’s “Wagonwheel Blues” and “Slave Ambient,” Granduciel excels at the sonic sprawl that might spin out of control in lesser hands. “Lost in the Dream,” the group’s latest, opens with a nearly nine-minute opus, “Under the Pressure,” that shimmers before settling into a spray of undulating melodies. “Red Eyes,” propulsive and unrelenting, pierces the static mood with the rhythmic chug War on Drugs is known for, and Granduciel’s love of Dylan surfaces on “Suffering.” Little-known fact: Although the band, which Kurt Vile cofounded with Granduciel before leaving , is based in Philadelphia, Granduciel grew up in Dover. (Out Tuesday) JAMES REED


The War on Drugs plays at Paradise Rock Club on April 17.

James Reed can be reached at jreed@globe.com.