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    EMA, ‘The Future’s Void’

    When the fireworks gently pop and fizzle out in the last breath of EMA’s new album, it feels like the only way to close such an emotionally visceral set of songs. It’s a moment of release on a record focused so intensely on what it means to live in a culture in the throes of technology and information overload. On “The Future’s Void,” EMA (an acronym for the artist’s full name, Erika M. Anderson) ruminates on something we’ve all felt: digital fatigue and how it can leave you feeling empty. “Feel like I blew my soul out / Across the interwebs and streams,” she sings on “3Jane,” later admitting, “It left a hole so big inside of me / And I get terrified that / I will never get it back to me / I guess it’s just a modern disease.” Skewing heavily toward ’90s alt-rock (Sonic Youth, in particular), the album works almost exclusively in two modes: raw and coarse (“Smoulder,” “Satellites”) and tender and celestial (“When She Comes,” “100 Years”). (Out Tuesday)


    ESSENTIAL “3Jane”

    EMA performs at Great Scott on May 10.