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ESH the Monolith & Intrikit, ‘Loop Minded Individuals’

ESH The Monolith & Intrikit

Loop Minded Individuals: A Hitchhiker’s Guide to a Verse

Let’s start with the obvious here: The “loop minded individuals” in question are producers ESH the Monolith (Boston) and Intrikit (Sterling, Conn.), who provide the ten instrumentals over which the album’s roster of 15 artists display their respective rhyme skills. First, the good, starting with the opening cut “A Hitchhiker’s Guide,” a track that revels in wanderlust behind a dusty guitar twang and strong verses from both producers, their only ones on the album. Even better are XL’s tortured soul-baring performance on “Chuck Wepner” (with fellow Kreator Big Juan balancing things with dark humor) and “War Drum,” a rugged posse cut fueled by the titular bellicose percussion and smooth delivery of Brooklyn’s Roc Doogie alongside Moe Pope and Euclid. And now, the bad: Seez Mic’s graphic and humorless sex romp “Follow Her” and deebee’s insipid impression of a poor man’s D-Tension on the decidedly not “Best in Show.” The verdict: Both producers consistently impress with diverse and textured instrumentals, which the featured lyricists match with slightly less proficiency.

Martín Caballero

Essential “War Drum”

Available April 22 on limited edition cassette via Four Finger Distribution