Tori Amos, ‘Unrepentant Geraldines’

Tori Amos has never been afraid to follow her muse and, in recent years, it has led her to Christmas music, classical music, and musical theater. Her fans will be glad to hear the muse has finally led Amos back to making the type of carefully crafted but pleasingly quirky pop music that helped make the singer-songwriter’s name in the ’90s with albums like “Little Earthquakes” and “From the Choirgirl Hotel.” The 14 tracks on “Unrepentant Geraldines” traverse territory both intimate and global, with Amos setting her idiosyncratic lyrical sights and musical sensibiliites on everything from disintegrating love affairs to NSA surveillance. The hypnotic “16 Shades of Blue” pulsates with electronic flourishes that hint at the mental dislocation felt when one is presented with an unwanted conscious uncoupling. The gorgeously vulnerable “Promise,” featuring equally clarion vocals from her teenage daughter Natasha, touches on insecurities about aging. And the deceptively jaunty “Giant’s Rolling Pin” has serious underpinnings about the electronic eye of Big Brother. (Out Tuesday)


ESSENTIAL “16 Shades of Blue”

Tori Amos plays the Boston Opera House Aug. 15.