David McWane cites his top Boston venues

Big D and the Kids Table, a well-known local ska-punk band, makes its way back to its old stomping grounds this Saturday with a show at the Paradise Rock Club. “We’ve been playing there forever,” says frontman David McWane. “One of the best things is to see old friends in charge of a venue.” The group met at Berklee College of Music, and it’s easy to pick up on local references that its tunes carry. In light of its return to Boston, we asked McWane to cite the top five Boston venues of the band’s 17-year history — including the defunct ones.

1. Allston basements “I make the joke that I have played in every basement in lower Allston. Either we’ve played a show or wrote a record in one. Those shows were so fun — sure, they could get shut down, but you can get 75 percent played before that happens.”


2. The Middle East (upstairs and downstairs) “Such an accomplishment to play there. It was the first place we played together.”

3. The Rathskeller (known as the Rat) “It was the most hilarious place; they put kitty litter on the ground once because it flooded — someone thought it would be a good idea. Once a show started, it was just a fog of kitty litter. A sad thing about [the club] leaving is that the area was so active. There is a loss of Boston culture; you don’t really go down [to Kenmore Square] anymore.”

4. Paradise Rock Club “What’s really amazing about this Paradise show is we are doing a throwback record called ‘Good Luck.’ This show is bringing back that time, and we made merch from the old days and are reprinting. We finally got vinyl records, too, and some old members are coming back. It’s going to be pretty awesome.”


5. The Channel “I used to think it was pretty amazing — all those shows and memories have shaped my music conduct. I used to be scared to talk to merch people; now, when I do merch, I try to be really nice.”
Alex Stills

Big D and the Kids Table perform at the Paradise Rock Club Saturday at 6 p.m. Tickets: $20. 617-562-8800, www.crossroadspresents.com/paradise-rock-club

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