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Carsie Blanton, ‘Not Old, Not New’

Known as a spunky singer-songwriter with a sense of swing to match her sense of humor, Carsie Blanton explores another side of her musical interests on “Not Old, Not New.” It turns out the New Orleans resident has a natural affinity for supper-club jazz. Not exactly a showy vocalist, Blanton is nonetheless expressive in the manner of other little-voice singers such as Blossom Dearie. She gives Cole Porter’s “Laziest Gal in Town” a slack, slinky treatment that suits the lyrics, and goes full-on torch singer for the bittersweet melancholy of “I’ll Be Seeing You.” She gets to roll with the band on “You’re a Heavenly Thing,” but mostly this is Blanton at a soft simmer. Funded by a Kickstarter campaign, the album is her loving homage to artists who have meant something to her, with Blanton even noting in the liner notes other versions “to dig.” She ties it all together with a 45-second original song that explains the album’s common refrain: “Love is a many-splendored thing/ Not old, not new.” (Out now)


ESSENTIAL “Laziest Gal in Town”

Carsie Blanton performs at Club Passim July 18.