Braid: No Coast cd cover
Braid: No Coast cd cover

Aside from a reunion EP in 2011, it’s been 16 years since Braid, the influential Illinois emo outfit, released their last record, “Frame and Canvas.” While they’ve never technically broken up, their reemergence on the Boston-based Topshelf Records makes perfect sense. The label has since become the de facto home of a generation of bands for whom Bob Nanna and company’s keenly brayed pining, intricately woven guitars, and clamorously tuneful songs are a touchstone. “I want my bucket of tricks back,” Nanna and Chris Broach sing on the nimble “Damages!,” one of the album’s many lurching, shouty pop-punk numbers. Opener “Bang” blends reflective, harmonized, high-register guitar lines with conspicuous bass leads, crunching noise, and clamorous vocals pushed forth recklessly as much as sung. “No Coast” is more sinuous and gyrating, but no less hooky. Despite the time away, it sounds like the band has emerged with all of their tricks intact. (Out Tuesday) LUKE O’NEIL


Braid performs July 24 at Brighton Music Hall.

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