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Buzz Osborne, ‘This Machine Kills Artists’

The title of this solo acoustic debut album from the singer-guitarist of the storied Seattle grunge outliers Melvins — a play on “This Machine Kills Fascists,” the slogan that protest balladeer Woody Guthrie famously painted on his guitar in 1941 — immediately indicates that the enigmatic King Buzzo hasn’t taken pains to extract his tongue from his cheek. There’s no whiff of the near-piety that saturated so many episodes of “MTV Unplugged.” Instead, Osborne plies his customary snarl, obstreperous lyrics, and bespoke riffs — sometimes lightly altered with effects, but
bone-stark otherwise — on crabby yarns like “Rough Democracy,” “Everything’s Easy for You,” “The Blithering Idiot,” and “Useless King of the Punks.” Pithy where Melvins might have sprawled, Osborne’s solo songs still amount to
M-80s lobbed at convention with reckless abandon and cockeyed aim. (Out now) STEVE SMITH

ESSENTIAL “Rough Democracy”

Buzz Osborne performs July 10 at Brighton
Music Hall.

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