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Joyce Manor, ‘Never Hungover Again’

The title of this California quartet’s third album is one of those declarations made after waking up filled with regret: In the future, the idea goes, that person will never be worn out by partying too much the night before — which of course means not getting too deep into fun in the first place. The album’s 10 taut tracks are filled with moments where “it all goes wrong,” as vocalist Barry Johnson yelps on “The Jerk,” although the tightly wound songs are too meticulously plotted for much wallowing. (The longest clocks in at 2:30.) The resentful “In the Army Now” and determined “Heart Tattoo” clip along thanks to sprightly, melodic bass lines from Matt Ebert and Kurt Walcher’s clockwork drumming. But when Joyce Manor cracks open its sound — allowing a chiming, feedback-accented guitar line to take over the back end of “Schley” and cloaking “Falling in Love Again” in reverb that calls to mind the Cure’s more expansive tracks — the results are satisfying despite (or maybe because of?) being delivered in bite-size form. (Out Tuesday) MAURA JOHNSTON


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