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Bear in Heaven, ‘Time Is Over One Day Old’

Bear in Heaven’s “Time Is Over One Day Old” is an album just good enough to be met with far more enthusiasm than it deserves. On its fourth full-length, the Brooklyn group hits the sonic sweet spots of post-punk revivalism — a guitar that claws abrasively through the mix; a bobbling bass that shoulders the songs’ melodic drive; drums that generate a tense, knife-edge momentum — which alone are enough to carry the shuddering “Time Between” and give “You Don’t Need the World” the additive weight of repetition. But a good sound can only support wobbly songs so far, and the middle third of the album sinks into a deadly lull that suggests the band only sporadically knows how to pull off slower tempos. (“Way Off” hints that leading with keyboards isn’t a particular strength, either.) As evidenced by “Dissolve the Walls,” Bear in Heaven is capable of making strong use of space and disruption. But using it and applying it are two different matters. (Out Tuesday)MARC HIRSH

ESSENTIAL “Time Between“

Bear in Heaven is at the Sinclair on Aug. 21.

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