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Yale, Massachusetts, ‘Pizzeria Regina George’

Yale, Massachusetts

Pizzeria Regina George

One of Pretty & Nice member Roger Lussier’s other bands, the ragtag quartet Yale, Massachusetts, released the EP “Pizzeria Regina George” online in late July. As its reference-rich name might indicate, the band is a fairly cheeky affair, with phlegmatic vocals ruling the roost over pop-punk chaos. Side A, “(Anything But) Ratty Allen,” adds some low-in-the-mix horns and a giddy, pealing guitar line to its steady march, and the B-side “When It Goes Down” has a slightly more introspective feel at first, then gives way to a glorious, pogo-ready breakdown. “Pizzeria Regina George” is streaming at sound right now, along with older Yale,
Massachusetts tracks like “Danger City, Population Me”; the EP is slated to come out on cassette in September.

Maura Johnston

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