Noisy Neighbors

Yeehaw!, ‘Demotivational Speaker’

In any musical genre, particularly of the underground stripe, adherents can be precious when it comes to drawing boundary lines. But in most cases, the best stuff comes from acts that pull from a spectrum of sub-genres to form their own hybrid. That’s the case on “Demotivational Speaker,” the debut from the young Boston five-piece Yeehaw! “What Now,” for example, is a charging pop-punk number at the aggressive end of the spectrum, cut through with the kind of interlocking guitar lines that have come to define the #EmoRevival moment. Quieter, twinkling guitars interject throughout the boozy, bluesy shouting of “Southern Gothic,” while “Pixie” might have come from any era of tuneful punk, save for its references to finding love in the age of Tinder. “Everyday Is a Compromise” reimagines a sort of muscular Braid or the Promise Ring. And “Life Is a Chore” is bro-hug, shout-along, gang-vocal punk at its finest, the type of song that transcends crowd specificity. (Out now)

Luke O’Neil

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