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Basement Jaxx, ‘Junto’

The British duo Basement Jaxx specializes in party jams blown up to parade-balloon size, and its seventh full-length starts on a celebratory note with “Power to the People,” a partying-is-political jam with a wailing lead vocal from Niara Scarlett and backing vocals from fans who attended the duo’s 2013 UK tour. It’s a bit subdued compared to earlier Jaxx anthems like “Romeo,” but it’s a great primer to “Junto,” which uses a rotating cast of guest stars (the stirring soul singer ETML, the attitude-stuffed MC Mykki Blanco, the boastful Scot Patricia Panther) to whirl through 2014’s varying meanings of “dance music” at a dizzying pace. Under less skilled guidance, an album that whips from stadium-filling house tracks to spindly, sun-baked R&B and the spare beats of trap music would sound like a hodgepodge. But Basement Jaxx has an inclusive spirit that defines their approach to both making music and disseminating it, and that vibe defines “Junto” more than any single style or song. (Out Tuesday)MAURA JOHNSTON

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