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MØ spreads girl power, tells us her five favorite women

Thomas Skou

If MØ's debut album, "No Mythologies to Follow," hints at the future of pop music, then sign us up. The Danish singer-songwriter, born Karen Marie Orsted, croons over hip-hop influenced electronica and the occasional heavy hitting beat (courtesy of superstar producer Diplo), but has enough presence to avoid being swallowed by them. MØ will perform at the Paradise Rock Club on Sept. 24; prior to hitting the road, she filled us in on five influential women artists.

1. Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth

"She was my teenage role model at every point. When I heard her sing for the first time I was so amazed that I tried to convince my ex-boyfriend that it was me singing when I played it for him. . . . I've never heard anyone sing with so much attitude and still be sexy and true in a way. . . . She's still my biggest role model."


2. Karen O of Yeah Yeah Yeahs

"The energy and everything she stands for is super cool, I think. She sings like a wild animal, like nothing can control her. . . . When I was a teenager she was one of the singers that inspired me."

3. Grimes

"She comes from a punk background like myself, and I can really relate to her stuff and her personality and her political views. She was one of the first, in contemporary music, of female artists to shake the borders."

4. Marina Abramovic

"I really think she's a cool woman, and she says some very cool things. Her whole thing about pushing borders all the time and how darkness moves you as a person — like you should always push yourself and challenge yourself."

5. Billie Holiday

"She was one of the first black women to really do something different in music. The thing I admire her most for is when you hear her sing, you can really really really feel her. There's no filter, its pure emotion and feeling and life."


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