Tweedy, ‘Sukierae’

The band name is a tip-off that this is not simply a solo effort from Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy, but a family affair with his 18-year-old drummer son, Spencer. The 20-track, two-disc “Sukierae” — the nickname of Tweedy’s wife and Spencer’s mom — explores a variety of sonic avenues, but on balance stays in a contemplative, acoustic place with melancholy waltzes, hazy finger-picked ballads, and dreamy remembrances carrying the day. Among the best are the simultaneously downcast and hopeful “Pigeons” and the gentle bopper “Low Key,” an endearing ode to those who don’t put emotions on display. Disc one holds the only truly uptempo tracks, including the garage-y, charging opener “Please Don’t Let Me Be So Understood.” While the bulk of “Sukierae”is a family affair, friends Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig of Lucius provide lovely vocal harmonies, including delightfully Beatlesque sighs and coos on “Low Key” and “Wait for Love,” and R.E.M. compatriot Scott McCaughey contributes various keyboard textures. (Out Tuesday)



Tweedy is at Berklee Performance Center Sept. 26.