High Five

Foxygen’s top five energy-boosting candy picks

cara robbins

You can tell a lot about psychedelic rock band Foxygen just by listening to its music: old school, upbeat yet somber, relaxing but packed with an energy that promotes getting your groove on. Hailing from Agoura Hills, Calif., the quartet started as a duo when Jonathan Rado and Sam France were 15. Now the group tours the United States and Europe, has been praised by Entertainment Weekly, and has gained a reputation for its unhinged shows — especially the maniacal behavior of lead singer France, whose antics include hitting himself in the face with a microphone, climbing equipment, and accosting hecklers. It’s no surprise, then, that when choosing a topic for conversation, the band members landed on five favorite types of candy they favor to keep their energy up every night.

1. Sour Patch Kids: Known as SPKs on the bus. They fuel us.

2. Sour Straws: Like an SPK but you can drink Coca-Cola from them, fueling the sugar-charged set.


3. Sour Worms: Like SPKs, only worms. Sustaining the high.

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4. Haribo Sour Fizzy Coke
A big favorite of Rado’s. Like SPKs mixed with Coca-Cola. Gets us jacked.

5. Sour Warheads: Like the opposite of an SPK as far as chewiness is concerned. Inspires showtime explosiveness.

Andrew Bourque

Foxygen performs with Dub Thompson at the Paradise Rock Club on Saturday at 8 p.m. Tickets: $20.; 617-562-8800

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