Real P


Dutch ReBelle has spent much of the last month reaping well-deserved acclaim for her excellent third release, “ReBelle Diaries.” But within that time span, another member of local crew the Famous Nobodies quietly dropped his own memorable album. Real P’s “SameOLeJazz” is a nuanced and introspective work, dressed up in the trappings of a chillwave rap LP. That’s not a bad thing in itself, particularly when producer Latrell James is called upon to lace “Rider” with saxophone loops and “Hope” with a smoky jazz vibe. The instrumentals are a pleasure in themselves, but the smooth beats contrast with P’s penchant for personal lyrics and precise storytelling. On “Slow Down,” he raps to a hustler running the streets, breaking down the costs of the fast life with vivid detail and clever wordplay (“knee deep in the game, far from the bleachers with the common folk . . . he don’t see a problem, anything less would seem comical”). Meanwhile, “GPS” is an intriguing shift into left field, with P changing his voice and cadence over his own warped, funhouse-on-LSD beat. Highly recommended. (Available now via iTunes; www.soundcloud.com/realp)


Martín Caballero

Essential “Hope,” “24th Letter,” “Slow Down”

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