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    Noisy Neighbors

    CreaturoS, ‘Popsicle’

    Psych-rock has always walked a thin-line between mirrored realms: beauty and violence, melody and noise. That dimensional straddling is on full display on “Popsicle,” from the Boston outfit CreaturoS. “Going Out in Style” is a perfect demonstration of that delicate balance: Terse, tightly wound verses erupt into a cavalcade of feedback, threatening to spin out of control before settling back around the song’s hook. “The Master’s Dope” charges through similar sonic territory, making meandering pit stops along the way for quieter acoustics and airy harmonizing. “Sunrise Wedding,” while more traditional in its garage-rock structure, is all the more ominous in its precise offing. “Hand in My Pocket” is the rare misstep, its overwrought menace coming off as cartoonish. But considering that this cassette release is an odds-and-ends collection of tracks the band recorded over the past few years, “Popsicle” falls well on the right side of the only binary that matters: quality. (Out now through


    ESSENTIAL “Going Out in Style”

    CreaturoS play Zuzu in Cambridge on Nov. 19.

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