Such Gold, ‘The New Sidewalk’

On its 2012 debut, “Misadventures,” Such Gold laid down a bristling melodic mission statement that shot it to the top of the list among a spate of young bands galvanizing the pop-punk and melodic-hardcore genres. While it would be inaccurate to apply the loaded designation maturing to this follow-up, the 12 songs here are more fully realized: the result of a band comfortable pushing against, while still embodying, the touchstones of its form. On “Faced,” the harmonies are precise while threatening to edge into screaming. “Frying in the Mix” is charged with propulsive snare drum momentum, but melodic guitar lines spiral in hypnotic loops underneath the bass push. On “Engulfed in Flames,” interlocking guitars add a layer of complexity to what otherwise might come off as straight-ahead chugging. There’s a viscerally felt surface-level appeal to the tumult, but enough going on musically to consider, once you’ve dragged yourself from the thrum of the front-row pit. (Out Tuesday)LUKE O’NEIL

ESSENTIAL "Engulfed in Flames"

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