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Various Artists ‘Keep Safe Boston’

Various Artists

Keep Safe Boston

As the driving force behind the annual Rock ’n’ Roll Rumble, Anngelle Wood has listened to her fair share of New England musical talent over the years. For her latest project, “Keep Safe Boston,” she’s pulled together 50 acts, many of whom have graced the competition’s stage. There’s a broad range of genres and quality on display, but plenty of standouts are well worth a listen. The Year Million’s sweeping rock grandeur on “Something Better (PDH remix)” impresses, as does the slinky noir of Ruby Rose Fox’s “Die Pretty” and the Color and Sound’s bratty, hooky “Back to Me.” Rebuilder’s “Headrush” is just that, a tuneful punch of chugging punk, while Drab lives up to its name — in a good way — on “Tell It to Me Straight (Tell It to Me Gay)”, a lo-fi sketch of slow, blistered surf garage. Consider this a one-shot primer to a good portion of the local rock scene. (Available now at


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