Noisy Neighbors

Keith McEachern, ‘Double Down’

Boston’s the Wandas have long shown a knack for marrying the tunefulness of psych-pop with the moodiness of alt-country, all bundled together in an energetic rock package. On his first solo outing, frontman Keith McEachern carries over some of those genre touchstones, while looking even further inward on 10 mostly quieted-down songs. “Pleasant” is a seemingly insular, hushed composition with understated drums and bass, but the introduction of foundation-reverberating guitar swipes halfway through provides a sense of expanding space as eerie multi-tracked vocals color the sky pink and purple. While Pink Floyd comes to mind there, you might also tease out a few Beatles-esque chord changes in follow-up track “At Least I’m Happy.” Temporally speaking, “Two + Two = Four” makes a lateral move, wading into a field of wind-bent flowers with psych-folk instrumentation and melody lines. “The Planner” strips almost everything away save for plaintively plucked acoustic guitar and a spectral choral line that sounds like someone who’s watched the decades go by with a mournful eye. (Out now at www.keithmceachern.net.)


ESSENTIAL “Pleasant”


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