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Parkay Quarts, ‘Content Nausea’

You know you’re on a roll when you make not one, but two great records within a year. Parquet Courts, an indie-rock quartet from New York, put out “Sunbathing Animal” in June, and now comes “Content Nausea.” Released under the tweaked name of Parkay Quarts, it mostly features the work of lead vocalists and songwriters Andrew Savage and Austin Brown. The 12 songs are untamed thrill rides that recall some of New York’s rock innovators, particularly Lou Reed and Television. “Uncast Shadow of a Southern Myth” aims for Dylanesque lyrical sprawl, shot through with steely guitar lines and the low hum of organ. It’s pretty far removed from the surprisingly psychedelic cover of Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’.” The title track has the rhythmic surge of a Patti Smith poem set to Jim Carroll’s “People Who Died.” Within its rambling screed are moments of biting social commentary: “I’ve been west and I’ve been east/ Been around long enough to know/ Life’s lived best when scrolling least.” Amen. (Out now)


ESSENTIAL “Content Nausea”


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