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Guster album cover Evermotion
Guster album cover Evermotion

The guys of Guster — singer-guitarists Ryan Miller and Adam Gardner, and drummer Brian Rosenworcel — started out with acoustic guitars and bongos in dorm rooms at Tufts University and, naturally, evolved easily into a full-bodied pop-rock band that takes full advantage of studio bells and whistles. They also picked up newest permanent member, multi-instrumentalist, Luke Reynolds in 2010. So there’s something delightful in the idea that the quartet decided to take a lower-fi approach to its latest album, yet ultimately created something so sonically rich that it belies that approach — without harking back to their earlier sound — but instead takes a next step. Working with Shins keyboardist-Black Keys bassist Richard Swift behind the board as a producer, “Evermotion” is an airy, winsome release that puts less focus on guitars, dabbling instead in horns and electronic and new wave sounds, to terrific, moody effect. The two Guster essentials, an unerring sense of melody and Miller’s keening vocals, anchor harmony-rich new flights of fancy, rooted in three key Bs — Beatles, Beach Boys, and Bacharach — with a twist of psychedelia and contemporary joy and angst. (Out Tuesday)


ESSENTIAL “Endlessly”