Kid Ink, ‘Full Speed’

Capitalizing on the success of last winter’s “My Own Lane,” LA rapper Kid Ink jumps in with a follow-up that sounds hastily crafted, displaying little development or attention to detail. Some of these short tracks are slivers of ideas in search of realization: “What It Feels Like” and “Faster” barely break two minutes. To mask a dearth of imagination, Ink recruited star vocalists — Usher, R. Kelly, Tinashe, Trey Songz — to provide broad hooks for him to rhyme around. This takes him in a diluted pop direction, with little invention. His fascination with familiar hip-hop tropes wouldn’t be a problem if he flashed some advanced skills, but throughout, the nasal-toned MC offers elementary lines punctuated by elongated syllabic rhymes. The half-baked schemes (faster/ask for/bathroom/bashful) are inartfully constructed, with little sustained narrative coherence or sense (“walk in like Joker/ livin’ like Bruce Wayne/ can I get a toast-a”). The infectiousness and jagged, bass-heavy production in some of the songs (“Like a Hott Boyy”) can’t compensate for the disc’s hollow core. (Out Tuesday)KEN CAPOBIANCO

ESSENTIAL “Like a Hott Boyy”


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