Idlewild, ‘Everything Ever Written’

Scottish rockers Idlewild have come a long way from their punk-infused start in Edinburgh 20 years ago, but they arrive with a positive jolt here. Singer Roddy Womble and guitarist Rod Jones still form the nucleus on the band’s first new album in six years, with new members Luciano Rossi (keyboards) and Andrew Mitchell (bass) helping to push Idlewild’s maturing, melodic-rock sound, which also touches on folk and psychedelia, into more experimental terrain. The opening “Collect Yourself” rocks hard with fuzz-guitar reverb and reflective lyrics that admit we are “young, but only for a moment.” Subsequent lyrics sometimes get too earnest and cerebral, but the band shows a welcome self-acceptance and desire to speak for its generation in “All Things Different” and “Come on Ghost,” with Womble asking “what’s the point of hiding anymore” amid a surprise sax solo, strings, and a piano played with drumsticks. Jones is still the star on guitar, but the added keyboards summon memories of the Doors’ Ray Manzarek at times. Overall, a nice effort by these never-say-die Scots. (Out Tuesday)

Essential “Collect Yourself”