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Album Review | Southern Rock

Blackberry Smoke, “Holding All the Roses”

Blackberry Smoke’s fourth album, “Holding All the Roses,” is the sound of a band, thrillingly coming into its own. The Atlanta quintet, with help from producer Brendan O’Brien (Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen), blazes through 12 tracks, expertly blending melodic pop smarts, Southern rock fire, and good old country comfort. Whether zipping through the ants-in-your-pants wiggle and boogie of the title track or plumbing the realities of weariness on the introspective “Too High” — which admirably admits that, grand pop songs to the contrary, some days there are mountains too high — the band is sure-footed in its sound and conviction. While the touchstones are evident — you can hear wisps of everyone from Vince Gill to Steve Earle to Lynyrd Skynyrd — Blackberry Smoke has assuredly carved out its own spot. At the forefront is singer-guitarist-songwriter Charlie Starr whose voice has an impressive elasticity and who isn’t afraid to be idiosyncratic with his songwriting, with lyrics that run from silly and crude to scathing and poignant. (Out Tuesday) SARAH RODMAN

ESSENTIAL “Wish in One Hand”

Blackberry Smoke plays the House of Blues March 27.