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Imagine Dragons, ‘Smoke +Mirrors’

If Imagine Dragons’ first album, 2012’s “Night Visions,” sounded as if the band was to the arena born, its sophomore release, “Smoke + Mirrors,” finds the Las Vegas-spawned quartet making sure to reach fans in the nosebleeds with easily digestible, melodic, mid-tempo paeans to angst. The disc covers typical second album territory: coping with the blessings and curses of actually getting what you want (the percussive, destined for hit-dom “Gold”), searching for anchors to hold onto in the swirl of achieved dreams (the gauzy, harmony-rich title track and the piano-driven “Dream”). Frontman Dan Reynolds is in a remorseful mood, offering up a raft of apologies on several tracks including synth-poppy opener “Shots,” the sludgy, angular “I’m So Sorry,” and ubiquitous, shouty first single, “I Bet My Life.” Evocations of everyone from Coldplay to Peter Gabriel to Queen remain intact, with that first band’s specter looming largest over the moody, dirge-y, electro-tweaked proceedings. The album hits its most interesting and feverish spike with the furtive yelps and rhythms of “Friction.” (Out Tuesday)


ESSENTIAL “Friction"


Imagine Dragons play the TD Garden July 1.