Sir Richard Bishop, ‘Tangier Sessions’

At the intersection between classical and progressive, in the liminal world between composition and improvisation you will find guitarist Sir Richard Bishop. Cofounder of both experimental-rock pioneers Sun City Girls and acclaimed world-music label Sublime Frequencies, Bishop on his own explores the globe-trotting past and border-smashing future of solo-guitar music. Recorded over the course of a week in Morocco, “Tangier Sessions” returns to the North African territory that made 2009’s “The Freak of Araby” such an astounding critical and artistic success. Bishop’s fretwork pulls as much from drone-enamored, free-music principles of outre-rock and avant-jazz as it does from traditional tonalities of the recording’s locale. “Tangier Sessions” balances melody and malleability within the song structures, creating a mysterious, shifting portrait of guitarist as shaman. Bishop’s masterful finger-picking takes solo-guitar music beyond the mundane. At a time when guitars serve more often as props than as centerpieces, this album is a wondrous reminder that the simplest palette can be used to paint the most profound results. (Out Tuesday)


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