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Dirty Dishes, ‘Guilty’

Dirty Dishes


Although Dirty Dishes has decamped to California, we’ve got a way of remaining possessive toward bands who started here in Boston — the good ones anyway. That’s the case with this group, whose 2010 self-titled EP, and 2012 follow-up, “The Most Tarnished Birds,” were ahead of their time in devising a forward-thinking approach to backward-gazing rock — something that’s become the norm for a new generation of guitar bands. Now a duo, Jenny Tuite and Alex Molini have a knack for carving hooks out of noisy granite as on opener “Thank You Come Again,” where Tuite’s sweetly-sung vocals in quiet verses give way to eruptive choruses that grow progressively more shouted and harrowing. “Androgynous Love Song” shows off a more restrained side, and the latter half of the record takes a turn toward spacey and spacious experimentation, the opener and “Red Roulette,” are evidence of the band at its best, able to manipulate a tidal wave of feedback into concise musical form. (Out now via dirty


ESSENTIAL “Thank You Come Again”

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