Dan Deacon, ‘Gliss Riffer’

Courtesy Domino Recording Co.

Dan Deacon's latest eight-track album, his ninth, frees a refined craftsman from his dreams. The Baltimore-based artist spins an expansive web of bubbly and exotic percussion, complemented by vocal distortion, similar to his 2007 album, "Spiderman of the Rings." But this time, the tracks are more nostalgic, incorporating reflective lyrics and orchestral elements inspired by his more recent albums, "Bromst" (2009) and "America" (2012). Opener "Feel the Lightning," is delicate, poppy, and vocoder-enthused, animating death with haunting lyrics and light melodies. The following track, "Sheathed Wings," is a dance party in the desert, extending a youthful, liberated theme. The tone shifts with tracks like electro-hip hop heavy "Meme Generator," where the cyclical beats are hyper and vast, much like the Internet itself. "Gliss Riffer" fits well into a growing repertoire in which Deacon seems to invite his listeners to discover the limitless art of electronic music along with him. The album comes across as an adrenaline-filled milestone, filled with whimsical and personal transactions between the past and present. (Out Tuesday)



ESSENTIAL "Feel the Lightning"

Dan Deacon performs at Brighton Music Hall on May 23.

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