/Courtesy of Ubiquity

The Mighty Sceptres are a new group centered on a collaboration between two members of the British retro-soul scene: guitarist Nick Radford, who in his solo endeavors (both musical and graphic) goes by the moniker Frootful, and singer Angeline Morrison. They’d worked with each other previously, and co-wrote all of the songs for a collaborative debut deeply rooted in the sound and production aesthetics of ’60s soul and R&B. They kick things off with some syncopated funk (“Siren Call”), and then visit propulsive northern soul (“Just Didn’t Mean It”), honking R&B à la Junior Walker (the instrumental “Jerk Chicken”), sweet soul (“Gentle Refrain”), flute- and strings-flecked bossa (“Shy as a Butterfly”), jumping funk-blues (“Krazy Kat”), and even vintage doo-wop (“You’re Nothing But a Pack of Cards”). With all of that going on, things seem a bit scattershot at times. Still, “All Hail the Mighty Sceptres!” adds up to a solid offering of throwback soul. (Out Tuesday)



ESSENTIAL “Shy as a Butterfly”

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