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JEFF the Brotherhood, ‘Wasted on the Dream’

The Nashville duo JEFF the Brotherhood became notorious in the early 2010s for its rip-roaring take on scuzzed-out rock. The clamor around the Orrall brothers (Jake and Jamin) grew loud enough to get them snapped up by Warner Bros. But the partnership between scrappy band and corporate behemoth proved to be a nightmare for JEFF, which in February announced that it had liberated itself from the “demented vulture” and would be releasing its eighth album on its own label, Infinity Cat. “Wasted on the Dream” is tight and snarling, an amalgamation of punk brevity, metal riffs, and garage attitude, tailor-made for blaring from parked cars idling while their passengers figure out how to maximize the night’s fast, cheap, and out of control quotients. Jethro Tull leader Ian Anderson lends his flute to the witheringly pessimistic “Black Cherry Pie,” while the sweet vocals of Best Coast mastermind Bethany Cosentino turn “In My Dreams” into a wistful portrait of ships passing. But the brothers of JEFF are their own best foils. (Out Tuesday)

ESSENTIAL “In My Dreams”


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