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    Album Review | Pop

    Dayna Kurtz, ‘Rise and Fall’

    “I need love that can heal me/ I need love that reveals me/ And you’re not what I need/ But you’re all that I want.” It’s a sentiment right out of classic country, but Dayna Kurtz has little use for genre. The underrated singer-songwriter turns “You’re Not What I Need” into a soulful exorcism of longing, an acknowledgement that our desires don’t always dictate what’s in our best interests. Kurtz finds peace — in moving on, in embracing love that’s right for her — on her poignant new album, “Rise and Fall.” It’s a ghostly record, haunted by painful memories but also the promise of making new ones. Sharp dissonance hovers over “If I Go First,” mixing with spectral strings and Kurtz’s silvery croon to create a strange brew; it’s rainy-day melancholy pitched as a love song. Over the flickering pluck of banjo and mandolin, a heavenly choir of voices comes to a slow fade of resonance on the closer: “Though you may sleep with someone else tonight / You’ll always live inside of me.” (Out now)

    ESSENTIAL “You’re Not What I Need”

    Dayna Kurtz performs at Johnny D’s on June 5.