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Birds and the Bees Boston Bike Party at Copley Square

Amy L.

‘Birds and the Bees’ Boston Bike Party

Friday at 7:30 p.m. Copley Square. Free.

The deal: Coming to you all the way from San Jose, Calif., the Bike Party has trekked 2,682 miles to share the love of cycling with Boston. “We wanted to build a community, and we wanted to show people how fun riding bikes around the city is,” said Greg Hum, cofounder of the Boston chapter. Every month features a new themed party on wheels; this month it’s all about the birds and the bees. You’ll take flight at Copley Square and make your way to Cambridge for the after-party.


The music: “We use the Spotify list so people can suggest songs and we curate a final playlist,” said Aleta Wiley, one of this month’s party organizers. And what’s a party without the classics? The collaborative Spotify playlist aptly opens with Dean Martin’s “Birds and the Bees,” and continues with songs that go with the theme of the night. “Someone rides around with a trailer playing the music that accompanies the ride. It’s really just a big parade.”

The crowd: “It really depends on the weather,” Hum said. “Our peak is in the summer when we get anywhere from 400-500 riders, but even in January when it was below zero we still saw about 100 people.” But don’t be intimidated: While the Bike Party was created by cycle enthusiasts, the parties are open to anyone. Whether you’re a seasoned racer or a casual commuter, with the casual pace and fun vibe it’ll be easy to keep up with the pack.

The drink: Drinking and driving applies to cyclists too, so stock up on some good ol’ water to keep you hydrated as you weave your way through the city. Not enough for you? The afterparty will be at Flat Top Johnny’s in Kendall Square.


The dress: Pimp your ride with lights and decorations, and make sure that you don a costume before leaving home. Whether you’re planning to go as a bird or bee, you’ll really soar with a pair of wings.

The tip: Stuck on what to wear? Go on the Boston Bike Party’s Facebook page to check out their lookbook. Before each party, organizers offer costume suggestions to get your creative juices flowing. Aside from that? “Get ready to party on wheels!” Wiley said. “A lot of first-timers feel like they’re in a parade, so it’s a good time.”