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Shlohmo, ‘Dark Red’

For a swath of young producers, the novelty of EDM seems to have worn off, replaced with a sense of history that makes the dance floor not just a place for revelry, but also a venue for sonic exploration and artistic invention. “Dark Red,” by Los Angeles’s Shlohmo, lacks the year-zero mind-set that makes most contemporary electronic music feel stale moments after its release. The music finds a middle ground between modernity and paleofuturism, tying together shards of musique concrète and moments that recall the moody, cinematic works of John Carpenter and Deodato with brilliant, breakneck percussion programming that harks back to the heyday of drum ’n’ bass. Young, sexy, and chic, “Dark Red” is an album that undeniably is made for this moment, blurring the lines among past, present, and future in a way that could appeal to both EDM neophytes and history-obsessed nerds. In the face of waning novelty as electronic music approaches its centenary, efforts like this are essential for maintaining the genre’s vitality. (Out now)

ESSENTIAL “Slow Descent”


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