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Nelson, ‘Peace Out’

Matthew and Gunnar Nelson and their flowing blonde manes hit the big time in the early ’90s with the album “After the Rain,” spawning affable hits with the title track and “(Can’t Live Without Your) Love and Affection.” Ensuing years found Nelson out of the spotlight, working on a tribute show for Rock and Roll Hall of Famer dad, Ricky Nelson (“Garden Party,” “Travelin’ Man”), but the harmony-loving pair recently have ramped up their recording career. “Peace Out” will sound familiar to anyone who appreciated “After the Rain,” picking up as if no time has passed — for good and for ill. Strong harmonies are deployed with Beatlesque charm on songs like “On the Bright Side,” and the twins’ love of power chords can still be kicky fun, as on the Bon Jovi-esque “Rockstar.” But they also occasionally sound trapped in some sort of Aqua Net-encrusted pop-metal time capsule. There’s a certain nostalgic pull to a place where squealy guitar solos and clunky rhymes (“impossible,” “unstoppable”) reign supreme, but it’s not quite enough to go all in on “Peace Out.” (Out Tuesday)

Sarah Rodman

ESSENTIAL “On the Bright Side”