Perseverance earns Breaking Benjamin No. 1 spot

It’s been six years since the stormy Pennsylvania outfit Breaking Benjamin released an album, and in that time, the band has completely revamped its lineup in the wake of illness and legal disputes. Frontman and band namesake Benjamin Burnley (right) is the post-grunge stalwarts’ only remaining founding member.

Burnley has been out of the music business since 2010 because of a chronic illness, which he worked through in order to write, play on, and produce “Dark Before Dawn,” his band’s fifth album. “Now I push through the horrendous pain and do my thing,” he told Rolling Stone earlier this month.

The band’s faithful responded in kind: In the week ending June 28, “Dawn” moved 141,000 equivalent album units — enough to push the band to No. 1 on the Billboard 200, the first time it reached that apex. Of that total, 135,000 units were album sales, a high-water mark for the group. (In 2009, the band sold 134,000 copies of its album “Dear Agony” and hit the No. 4 mark on the chart.)


“Failure,” the hard-edged lead single from “Dawn,” has led Billboard’s Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart for eight weeks, and following a handful of unplugged shows, the band is hitting the road with a tour that stops at House of Blues on Aug. 14.

Maura Johnston

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