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Four Tet, ‘Morning/Evening’

For his eighth record, Four Tet, a.k.a. Kieran Hebden, has forgone the traditional album-press cycle to a greater degree than usual for the understated English producer. The two roughly 20-minute tracks that comprise “Morning/Evening” appeared without fanfare on Hebden’s Bandcamp page a few weeks ago. It’s a fittingly mysterious presentation of the music, which gurgles gradually into consciousness like the titular binary, the colors of sunrise and sunset enveloping in the electronically rooted compositions. “Morning Side” leans heavily on a Lata Mangeshkar vocal (from the 1983 Indian film “Souten”), which winds through the spaces of the largely unmodulated beat, save for a clattering near-climax halfway through, blending here and there with the light touch of string accompaniment and effervescent sound effects. “Evening Side” takes a more hesitant approach to assume a form: Babbling-brook percussion introduces a bass pulse like labored breath and an unidentifiable, heavily effected Indian vocal, then proceeds to a straight drum-kit outro that slowly leaves all of the sound effects behind. (Out now)


ESSENTIAL “Morning Side”


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