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Prince Royce, ‘Double Vision’

The Bronx-born singer Prince Royce has delighted Spanish-speaking audiences and sold boatloads of records with his new-millennium update of Dominican bachata. With “Double Vision,” Royce — real name Geoffrey Rojas — makes his first foray into the English-language market, an effort targeted to blow up big; guest stars include Snoop Dogg, Pitbull, and Jennifer Lopez (who appears on the bouncy posterior salute “Back It Up”), and the songwriters assisting Royce also have impressive pedigrees (John Legend’s “All of Me,” Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty”). None of it would work without Royce’s supple voice and sweet charisma, which help to make offerings like the glitchy “Handcuffs,” which in less skilled hands could sound like a slippery commitment-phobe’s insincere come-on, recall a soul pried open. The track that seems built for maximum crossover appeal is “Extraordinary”; backed only by a guitar and bare-bones percussion, Royce opens his heart, telling his lover exactly why “everything feels good” with her even as their material comforts are lacking. Love and music: two universal languages that sound even better together. (Out Friday)


ESSENTIAL “Handcuffs”


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