Daniel Romano, ‘If I’ve Only One Time Askin’’

Daniel Romano’s 2013 release, “Come Cry With Me,” was a promising collection of retro-leaning country music. His new record, a magnificent, subtle reshaping of classic honky-tonk sounds and sentiment, fulfills that promise and then some. From the thrilling sweep of countrypolitan strings that introduce leadoff track “I’m Gonna Teach You,” the music is awash in old-school touches. But Romano brings his own ideas: tacking a bit of urgent soul by means of a tempo-shifting coda onto “The One That Got Away,” using bridges to connect many of the songs, and quoting Ernest Tubb’s “Soldier’s Last Letter” in an interlude that leads to the stately, contemplative concluding song, “Let Me Sleep.” Throughout, the watchword is slow ’n’ sad; it’s fitting that the only cover on the record is a deep-catalog selection from the king of broken hearts, George Jones. If your idea of a good time is finding a corner to quietly weep in while listening to old country vinyl, this record is for you. (Out Friday)


ESSENTIAL “The One That Got Away (Came Back Today)“

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