Migos, ‘Yung Rich Nation (YRN)’

Whatever you think of their lyrical content, there’s an infectious urgency in the way the members of Migos rap that can’t be denied. The Atlanta trap trio busts through its major-label debut with the throttle wide open. Sure, they may be running on the fumes of paper-thin song concepts and choruses, often just repeating a single word or phrase that burrows into your brain until you are ready to break down and confess everything. Somewhat amazingly, that doesn’t really damper the overall effect. The group compensates for meager substance with plenty of style and energy, and has enough of both to almost pull it off. Migos sounds particularly charged on the Eazy-E inspired “Highway 85,” reenacting its high-speed chase scenario, and on “Cocaina,” in which the group’s gaudy trap iconography reaches its zenith in the company of Young Thug, its other Atlanta-based apostle. Migos certainly has the engine to get somewhere; it might just need to invest in more potent fuel to finish the trip. (Out Friday) Martín Caballero

ESSENTIAL “Highway 85”

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