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Ode to Omni at Beat Brasserie

Marcus Myers

Ode to Omni at Beat Brasserie

Friday at 10 p.m.

13 Brattle St. No cover charge.


The deal: Beat Brasserie, located in Harvard Square, offers both bar scene and chic dining, and hosts live musicians Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, and frequently on other weeknights. Friday features Ode to Omni, a seven-member band led by Marcus Myers, which he describes as a jazz-rooted transformative project that’s both improvisational yet relatable, easy-listening yet entertaining.

The crowd: Jack Bardy, owner and managing partner of the restaurant-bar, attributes Beat’s unique crowd and dynamic to its location. “You’ve got an international community, the academics, the artists — anything from the Cambridge blue bloods to the hippies.” Beat Brasserie offers diners an experience of Cambridge in microcosm, melding art and culture with artisan wines and deep-flavored plates.


The dress: “Anything goes,” says Bardy. “We have people coming in for casual gatherings, it can be a special night out, the whole range.” If you’re dressing for the crowd, it’s best to go for a casual-sophisticated blend.

The drink: “One thing that’s unique here is our incredible wine program,” says Bardy. “We have almost 40 wines, artisan wines fresh from the vineyards.” Every offering is American, sourced from throughout the country. Perfect for a summer night is the Flying Cloud rosé, a favorite among customers. Looking for a stronger sip? Try the American Breed cocktail, a mix of Maker’s Mark, St. Elder elderflower liqueur, and apple cider.

The music: “Generally, we focus on blues, rhythm and blues, and jazz,” says Bardy. “You need the right kind of musicianship that makes beautiful music, not loud music.” Ode to Omni suits that dynamic ideally. The band’s jazz-fusion flavor, Myers says, “inspires the mind, moves the feet, and touches the soul.” He was inspired to devote his life to music after overcoming an injury that prevented him from playing. Now, he says, “I wish to create music that not only makes people dance and excites them, but to help people in whatever stage of life they’re in through our message. I’m just simply sharing how God changed my life through sound.” The instrumental group will feature trumpet, trombone, drums, bass, guitar, and piano in its Beat Brasserie engagement.


The tip: Under 21 or with family, but still looking for a night with live music and a vibrant atmosphere? Sit in Beat Brasserie’s dining section instead of the bar. Tables are arranged in the same room as the bar and bandstand, so the vibe is equally hip and lively.

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