Various artists, ‘Scream: The TV Series — Music from Season One’

MTV officially dropped “Music” from its logo five years ago: a change, a honcho explained, that came from the channel’s ever-shifting target demographic associating it more with brash reality offerings than with breaking new artists. But discovery is still present: soundtrack provides helpful rundowns of songs played during the most emotional moments of “Teen Wolf,” and now Columbia Records has helpfully compiled tracks used in the new horror series “Scream,” which brings the much-beloved slasher-movie franchise to the small screen. Most are appropriately brooding; the only real outlier is LIZ’s brash “When I Rule the World,” a harsh slice of post-Ke$ha braggadocio with an instrumental by the much-buzzed London producer SOPHIE. Wet’s exercise in pop pointillism “You’re the Best” and MS MR’s stormy “All the Things Lost” offer studies in contrast; British strummer George Ezra, who’s currently giving radio a breather with his gentle “Budapest,” growls through “Spectacular Rival” with the grizzled romanticism of Nick Cave. (Out Friday)


ESSENTIAL George Ezra, “Spectacular Rival”


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